B:Ware Lock To Hardmead

From Ware lock there are 3 platforms that make fishing comfortable, they can produce some good bags of roach, down to the stream that enters from the Meads. Chub can be caught from the swims with cover, as you head towards the Priory Point. The extra water from the Priory makes the swims between the point and the footbridge good for the roach. The roach show all the way along in the town section, one of the best swims being by the road bridge. For some of the big chub in this section, aim for any boat that has been moored up on the far bank for some time. Below the road bridge there is no fishing where there is the barrier, after which the river is wider and the bream can show in a number of pegs as well as roach. There have also been some sizable perch and pike caught.
Just above the footbridge is a spill weir on the offside, which is Ware Tumbling Bay Weir leading to the Old River Lea.
Please note that the Old river Lea and the Offside bank referred to as the natural bank or nature reserve bank of the River Lea Navigation is controlled by Ware Angling Club and is for their members only.
Off of High Street

Priory Street, street parking (restrictions weekdays)
Library car park, pay and display (free on Sundays and Bank Holidays)
From Ware Railways Station
Amwell End, street parking, evenings only
From London Road into Viaduct Road and into Crane Mead (Wickhams) street parking by flats please be mindful of residents parking

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