Pretty Lake at Stanstead Abbotts.

Pretty Lake at Stanstead Abbotts.
This is a privately owned lake in Stanstead Abbotts it is considered our flagship water and it truly lives up to its name, ‘Pretty’.
The Club spent the first three years in residence clearing, replanting, redesigning, and swim building, to present the lake in its now superb condition.
The lake is just over 2 acres in surface area and offers 36 comfortable and well-placed swims, one being designated for disabled anglers. It varies in depth from 5 feet to 18 feet in the largest part of the lake.
During the first three years the club embarked on an extensive restocking programme with thousands of roach, rudd, carp, bream and crucian carp being introduced. To ensure the fish we stocked were not taken by the predatory Cormorants, carp of at least one and a half pounds were stocked and bream of 4lb.
Since then further fish stocking has taken place
The fishery is now rewarding us for all our efforts, Carp, tench and bream are being caught. Roach, rudd and perch are being caught throughout the year.
In 2007 a wind aerator was installed on the lake, with talk of climate change and long hot summers we thought it best to be prepared. On other fisheries where such aeration has been introduced there are reports of a big increase in fish fry as well as helping with oxygenation problems.
In 2012 another electric aerator was purchased.
Access to the fishery can only be gained through a combination locked gate. The fishery is open all year but there is no fishing or access to the site on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
This is a members’ only water. There is no night fishing and there are some bait bans. No day tickets and no guests/visitors are allowed.

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