Turnford Consortium

Turnford Consortium.
This is a four lake complex owned by The Lea Valley Regional Parks and run by the Turnford Consortium of which Ware Angling Club are members. As a member of Ware Angling Club you will receive a Consortium ticket to fish the venue.
The lakes are situated in Wormley at the end of Wharf Road next to the River Lee Navigation. Entrance to the complex is by way of a combination locked gate off Wharf Road, it has a good access road and a large car park in the middle of the complex. The car park must be used at all times, as parking is not allowed on the road.
Night fishing is allowed and guest permits are available.
The fishery also offers all year round fishing.
Railway Pit Some five acres in size, this is predominantly the Carp lake. Specimens grow to over 30lb with a good number of 20lb fish. A re-stocking programme has recently seen Carp stocks further enhanced. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Carp is all this lake has to offer though. It also contains a good head of other species, with Bream and Tench breaking 10lbs, and an abundance of Roach, Rudd and Perch. Some large Pike are also present.
Boot Pit With a heavy re-stocking programme, this 42 peg match lake should provide sport for everyone, all year round. Small Carp are the main feature, with the occasional double thrown in. There are also Tench a plenty, and two shoals of Bream. Rudd, Perch and Crucian Carp make up the remainder of the inhabitants. Lillypads and reed-lined margins make the ideal pleasure venue for all abilities, and juniors are especially welcome.
Lea Pit A gin clear water presenting a challenge to the keener angler. Presentation is the key in the Summer, when the weed grows. Bream and Tench are present to double figures, with a healthy population of Rudd and Perch. Pike to 20lbs+ also inhabit the lake.

Marsh Pit Generally shallow, with a labyrinth of islands, arms and reed lined bays, there is something to please everyone. Densely populated with Rudd and Tench, this is what Summer fishing is all about. Even in Winter good catches can be had.

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