The River Lee Navigation

The River Lee (Lea) Navigation. Hardmead, between Stanstead Abbotts and Ware.
The fishery is from above Hardmead lock down to the Broadwater above Stanstead Lock. It is the natural bank on the offside of the East bank of the river. The Towpath Fishery
The upper boundary is above Hardmead Lock to the footbridge over the river near to the old lock house at Tumbling Bay. The lower boundary is a locked gate into the boating marina just as the river widens into the Broadwater above Stanstead Lock, giving the Club 1600 metres of fishing.
The fishery is marked into sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and Upper Section
The sections can offer all types of coarse fish with some very big carp and pike. bream, tench and perch are regularly caught and there are chub, roach, dace, bleak and gudgeon to make up a catch.
There is parking in Lower Road or Emma Wells Lane, both are a walk to the river having to cross over the railway line. Take extra care when doing so. The walk is well worth the effort.
The opposite bank, the towpath side is a day ticket water managed by the Towpath Fishery that is managed by Ware Angling Club and Hertford Angling Club. Members fish for free and Day Tickets are available on the bank.
A close season has to be observed on this fishery.

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