Towpath Fishery

In 2013 the partnership of Ware Angling Club and Hertford Angling Club successfully bid for the fishing rights to sections of water on the River Lee Navigation from Hertford to Broxbourne and River Stort Navigation, Feildes Weir, Dobbs Weir and the Old Mill at Broxbourne. These fishing rights are for angling from the recognised towpath of the waterways and those areas indicated on the maps. 
The two clubs will jointly manage this new fishery with identified delegates from each club forming a management Committee.
This joint venture in no way effects the fishing rights that the two clubs already has.
Aims and objectives of the partnership
To promote angling for the future of the sport.
To ensure that anglers can participate in their chosen sport in a friendly and safe environment  
To protect, maintain and enhance the environment, connected to the waterways
To ensure that fish stock is safeguarded and improved
To protect the wildlife and the flora and fauna of the waterways
The River Lea Navigation has a great history of being a noted fishery for good catch reports, from both pleasure fishermen and the match anglers. The partnership would like to see river angling get back on the map and will be looking to hold matches, for clubs, juniors, and senior citizens.
A dedicated bailiff has been appointed and he is responsible for the regular day to day patrol of the towpath to ensure that the rules are not breached, to offer advice and guidance if needed and to issue day membership tickets to anglers. 
On behalf of the two clubs we wish all you anglers lots of enjoyable fishing.
Towpath Fishery Management Team
Contact details for Ware Angling Club please telephone 07768746059
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